Music by John Bickerton


Submerged CD by John Bickerton

Also available as a Digital Download

Simple Harmonic Motion Records, 2017

Track Listing
1. Psalm (John Bickerton)
2. Mob Job (Ornette Coleman)
3. Going to California (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
4. That’s What They’ll Tell You (John Bickerton)
5. Sugar Mountain (Neil Young)
6. Within You Without You (George Harrison)

Recorded at Oktaven Audio, Mt. Vernon NY
Recorded and Mastered by Ryan Streber
Performed on a Steinway D 9′ concert grand piano

Shadow Boxes

Shadow Boxes by John Bickerton Trio

Leo Lab Records, 1999

Track Listing
1. Answers Not Asked
2. Spirit World
3. Stilts & Pirouettes
4. Cortege
5. Shadow Boxes
6. Diving Rod
7. Aviary
8. Meeting After Dark
All compositions by John Bickerton

John Bickerton – Piano, (Prepared Piano on #3, #6, #8)
Matthew Heyner – Bass
Rashid Bakr – Drums

Bickerton’s compositions are wonderful things, reminiscent of Mary Lou Williams’s, Monkish but in an updated way, bringing dissonance and that apparently awkward grace to the fore and letting swing transform into the pulse of free improvisation. 

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